Real, Pure, True

real pure true

Their love was real
It was raw and pure
Above all, it was true
The both gave unconditionally
Without expecting any return

They knew what they found in each other
Was nothing less than their other half
Their search was finally over
Love allowed them to be something special
It gave them the freedom to be themselves

Falling in love with either was dangerous
Unfortunately, it was also very easy
Their kind of love left others craving more
Not being able to understand what’s going on
One person affecting you life in such a positive way
Making you want to see if it can happen again

Loving him is…

His love was dangerous, this he knew
It was like being trapped in a work of art
Like being bound to the pages of an endless romance novel
Like being trapped in a romantic comedy where the credits never came
His love seemed to escape the hands of time

If his love was art
He was the brush and she was the pallet
She was complicated and full of different emotions
He took the time to get to understand each closely
To see how each of them related to the other
How they mixed and matched
Life was their easel
Each day would start blank and fresh
Each day they’d paint a different picture of their story

His love makes you question
If this is reality or fantasy
Someone had to have written this out
Each day like a page to get through
Always pleasant and wonderfully written
Each day love grew deeper
Thickening like the plot
Stuck in the climax of the love story
As the pages turn

His love takes you to a world of wonder
Is this a dream?
A romance plays on the big screen
He loves her and she loves him
They have finally found one another
Each sentence out of his mouth is smooth
Too smooth
Every gesture brings tears to her eyes
She’s found her Mr. Right
She’ll never lose him
This movie has no conflict
The reel spins on for eternity
And the love he gives never fades

The way she makes you feel…

Loving her was dangerous, this she knew
It was like the soothing crash of waves that never stopped
Like the sun and moon, never stopping from rising and falling
Like a drug that kept you coming back for more

If her love was like the crashing of waves
Then he was the shore that caught her every time she fell
Always there for her, always longing for her
Never far from reach
As she crashed against him
She shaped him into the man he was meant to be
They created the most beautiful beach
Similar to the ones they walked on while holding hands
So peaceful and serene, so calming

If she were the sun and moon
Then he was the horizon
Kissing her as she get close and holding her
Keeping her safe
Her sun was held all night and her moon all day
Just before releasing them
At the last moment
His horizon would kiss them goodbye
Together, her sun and his horizon created twilight
A time when their love and union is so powerful
That the sky can’t no longer remain blue

With her love being a drug
He easily became a fiend
He could never get enough of her
Searching night and day for the next hit
The next time he’d see her
The next time he could hold her
The next time he could kiss her
Getting high off of her
Losing himself
While loving her


Two pieces to a bigger picture
Together they crossed out the definition of love and wrote in their own
They removed the picture next to it and painted a new one
More and more as people saw them they knew
That this is what love was supposed to be
The world craved a love like theirs

He cherished her
She adored him

Both tattered and beaten
They found the one who would fix them
The one who would take the pain away
He allowed her to fall in love with herself
She reminded him that there was still good in him

They finished each other’s sentences
They fell in love more and more each day
They completed each other

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