How can you see something so delicate and think about harming it?

How do you see something so beautiful and aim to tear it down?

Instead of uplifting, you push Beauty down into a state where it questions its name.

You pretend to care…but your actions prove otherwise.

Monsters don’t just come out at night anymore. They have crawled out from under the beds and walk among us. They have walked out of nightmares and trampled into reality. They fly through the night sky, blocking out the moonlight.

They suck the souls from the innocent. They feed on happiness. They thrive on causing pain. They are greedy for more.


They need power.


They must have control.

Any attempt to break their control is met with anger. Harsh words that cut deeper than any blade. Beauty is forced into an appeasing state, losing itself.

Monsters do not care about the consequences of their actions. All they care about is their benefit and their gains. They must win in the end.

They say all the right things to lure the innocent and the naive. They cover true intentions with cleverly thought up acts. The trap is set. Before it’s too late to notice, there is no escape. No way out. Suffocation starts to set in. Drowning. Overwhelmed.

As much distance as can be made, Monsters maintain their hold. Even Time has a hard time healing the wounds that they create. Memories replay and cripple any further escape. Futures are potentially ruined because of the past. Beauty is…compromised.

I cannot stand back and allow the monsters in the world to have their way and destroy the beauty that exists. Peace is what I aim to bring. I must stand between the monsters and the ones they aim to hurt.

No matter what it takes.

I will free those held captive.
Free those oppressed.
Free those who do not know how to free themselves.


(Images from Google)

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