Without a Heart

What would I be without a heart?
I wish the answer I knew
At least if I did
I wouldn’t be so confused
Would I be just an empty case?
With no sense of emotion on my face
Walking aimlessly about the place
No more fleeting
No more beating
An end to falling head over heels
Nothing for anyone to steal
Void of caring
No need for sharing
I would no longer offer it as token
If it’s not there
It can’t get broken
Finally something to lose
That I may not want returned
For as long as I’ve had it
All I’ve ever gotten was burned
Without a heart
I wouldn’t be me
Maybe I could just lock it away
And throw away the key
This seems to be a better route
Because a heart is something
That I can’t live without
Without a heart
I wouldn’t be able to love you
Something that…
I can’t help but to do

Ripped Open

You may never see what you mean to me
All I ask is that you take the time to look
I’m willing to offer myself to you fully
Make my life to you an open book
I really believe that it can work out
We can be each others good match
Because ever since I met you
I can’t help but to feel somewhat attached

I try to break free from the attraction
I don’t know why on me you have this effect
I never thought this could happen to me
But in life what can we really expect
I can’t begin to explain the feelings I get
Every time I look into those deep brown eyes
I’m sure the feelings could be seen on my face
Something that is hard for me to disguise

You bring the light to my darkness
Making everything seem to suddenly be clear
I feel like taking new risks with you
You have a way of taking away some of my fears
New feelings rush over me, more rivers than streams
I think you could be….the girl of my dreams
I’d rather give it to you than have someone else break it
So I’ll rip open my chest and yell to you…

Final Encore

She would stand on stage, still, in a pose
As she waited for one of the greatest music ever composed
In her tights, dress, and shoes with much lace
Across the stage she would move with grace
Whether the music progressed fast or slow
With much ease, she cod follow the tempo
Her hair would hit her face as she would pirouette
As much as she turned, dizzy she wouldn’t get
Flying like a gazelle through the air she’d jeté
Gravity was gone, so for a long time in the air she stays

She jumps in the air clicks her heels
You can tell by her face the music she feels
Looking toward the crowd, she flashes a smile
Plans to continue giving a show worthwhile
She leaves them in awe still wanting more
Over the music they yell for an encore
Standing ovation, everyone on their feet
From young to old, not a soul in their seat

She had given up this art some time ago
Maybe there was little time or interest was low
She plans to come back, once more grace the stage
And with the music and crowd to be once more engaged
The venues will once again be filled each night
I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t want to see her in tights
I hope she’s ready to once again be showered
After each performance, the crowd will throw flowers

I’ll make it my goal to go whenever I’m allowed
As promised I’ll always be there, seated in the crowd
I’ll sit front row, every time I get a chance
Not caring about anything else but…
Seeing Her Dance

Her Locs

Sitting at the table, I looked to my right
What came to my eyes was a beautiful sight
A Caribbean beauty with locs in her hair
Took my breath away, couldn’t help but to stare

They looked so full, must have taken years to sprout
She was so remarkable; she would have been beautiful with or without
But with them, her beauty extends
Flowing locs with golden highlights at the ends

I wanted to look away, but that wasn’t the case
I just couldn’t get past how they accentuated her face
This was not the only way in which her beauty was stressed
She walked across the room gracefully in a long black dress
When I saw her, I said “Oh yes”

Intimidation and a determination came all at the same time
I wished I could talk to her, but I became a mime
She owned eyes that through the soul she could penetrate
But still possessed the power to sedate

More than a double take, I couldn’t stop from looking back
At the girl with the locs in the dress that’s black
Sitting two or so tables away
I’m hoping to myself that she looks my way

I’m sure our eyes met at least once or twice
Now all I need is a way to break the ice
Sitting in my chair on-looking, this is quite a shame
I want to talk to her…if only I knew her name

Hold On

Let me tell you something, if you feel like letting go
How to pick yourself up, so you no longer feel low
No matter what life throws at you, never stop from trying
Do everything else, you can even resort to crying
Try these steps out, I know you got friends
Doesn’t matter who, or how much time you spend
Ok, call them up, wait a while, let the phone ring
I know you want to hang up, but you’ll do no such thing
Ah, they picked up, now let your feelings out
Tell them everything, what the situation is about
Say what you need to say, keep nothing in
Let your soul speak out, from deep within
When you done venting, something good will come after
The both of you will feel happy, and be filled with laughter
Don’t you feel better? I knew this would help you
You can always do this, when you don’t have a clue
We’re here when you need us, only one call away
Some might leave, but the real friends will stay
We are all humans, I have no expertise
But I can tell you this, life comes with little ease
I’m always here, if you need someone to call upon
My message will remain the same, simply…Hold on

Why Do You Stay?

Why do you stay?
You go through this everyday
Your the one who pays
Hearing him call you these names
Having your name defamed
Things are no longer the same
The fire has dwindled and lost its flame

Let me take you outta that pain
Come here, get out of the rain
He keeps causing you pain
Treat a woman like you so bad he must be insane
Maybe I should just drive a bullet to his brain
But my outstanding citizenship I gotta maintain
I can’t do anything else, so I must complain
Your attempts to do good only end up in vain

All the tears that rain from your frame
With me it won’t be the same
I’ll only gives you tears of joy
Time with me won’t be hated only enjoyed
I’ll always build you up, never destroy
What you see is what you get, this is no decoy

You say you can’t leave
I say that’s so hard to believe
I see the tears drown your sleeve
So why do you remain naive?
Open your eyes and clearly perceive
That your brain has got you deceived

I know you have more sense
That’s not love, but simply violence
He doesn’t love you when sending you to the wall
I don’t care if the bruise is big or small
It wasn’t you that tripped I know he made you fall

What you need is an escape
I got the ‘K’ on my chest along with my cape
I can’t take this
No longer want to be a witness
You say he loves you but he calls you a bitch
You gotta know that something better exists
Put an end to tears making your eyes red
Please let this message get to your head
Take in the words that I’ve said
Act quickly cause I don’t want to see you…
End up dead…

First Glimmer

Getting onto the windowsill
My body lets out a sigh
As if it were automatic
My head tilts up to the sky
I see it glimmering brightly
A small light, it let out in a burst
There are no others around it
This one was here first
As I sat there looking
Others came into focus
But the initial one
Remained as my locus

The way life was going for me
It was beginning to look bleak
Somehow my heart opened up
And it started to speak
I want her to be able to hear me
To her I’ll no longer be a mime
I want her to take me on
If only just one time
I want her to see that there is truth
In every word that I say
To me, being with her
Seems to be the only way

Let her see that with her
All my time I’m willing to spend
I want her to see me as more
Way more than just a friend
In me I want her to see
That there can be success
When I ask her to be mine
Please help her to say yes
I wondered how I could put my faith
In something so far
But I put my skepticism aside
Thought of you and…
Wished On A Star

Ten Percent

It’s not easy to feel this way
Yet I feel the need to show more
I want to give you something
That you never had before
You are close to me
I can still hold you closer still
If things continue going well
Sooner than later, I will
If it doesn’t feel like what you deserve
You have nothing to fear at all
We all need to start somewhere
The best things start out small

Everything that I do for you
Comes from the bottom of my heart
But the true feeling that I can show
Have yet to really start
The reason for my hesitance
Is that I stay protected
I can’t afford to give it all now
I need to keep some things unexpected
When looking into your eyes
I can almost clearly see
The acorn of love that we share
Growing into that great oak tree
I’m not crazy when I say
That I can love you more
You may think it’s impossible
But of myself I am sure

You should be more open minded
Not look at things only one way
The way things are now
Are not the ways they will stay
What you see
Is not always what you get
You may think I care now
Well, you haven’t seen anything yet
If you let me in your world
Then more feelings will surge
The love I show you right now
Is just the tip…
Of The Iceberg

Enough is Never Enough

Moving on…
Two words that to them…
Had little meaning
Because neither could fight
What they were feeling
Just one glimpse was deal sealing
Arguments were few
Smiles were much more
Her, He loved
Him, She adored

He couldn’t get enough of her smile
She meant the entire world to him
He just wished she would always know
He’d never leave her side…where would he go?
She couldn’t get enough of the way he’d make her laugh
Damn his charm
When she was cold he was the one there to keep her warm
His hands were the ones to wipe away her tears
He said he did and showed that he cared

He loved the way her face fit into his hand
No other could have the same feel
When looking into her eyes
One thought came to mind: this is real
She loved the hugs and kisses
How he could be everything she expected
Looking into his eyes
She felt protected

He could never stay mad at her
He never wanted to cause her pain
He only wanted her happy
And to cry never again
When she was mad at him
It would never last
He just had this way…
Of making her laugh…

They were in love
So deeply that they were
Drowning in it
And they knew
That no matter what would come
Good times or bad
They’d be loving it…