I don’t matter anymore
I guess that’s fine
Eventually I’ll get used to it
The feeling should subside with time
Or maybe it’ll last an eternity
Burning away at me from within
As I try to run, try to mask
While all I’ll be able to do is wonder
How did it begin?
Like that old favorite toy now forgotten
I’ll take my seat on the shelf
Collecting dust as time passes
Just here by myself


Don’t know what else I could have done
I begged for you to Turn Around
Steps were still taken in the other direction
Maybe distracted by other sounds
The bottle I held out as an olive branch
Is now being held to my lips
I finally again know the feeling of warmth
For a moment I no longer have to come to grips
The friendly taste of elixir in my mouth
Will for a time wash the memories away
Sitting, looking out at the water
While the waves crash in the bay


I’ll accept the short bursts of happiness
I’ll take them for what they’re worth
For me they still have value
And maybe, just maybe a chance at rebirth

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