Last Poem

last poem

If this were the last poem I’d ever write
I’d want to do it right
You need to know that I love you
You need to know tonight

If this were my last piece
I’d want you to know that you brought me peace
You’re the best thing that ever happened to me
I may never love anyone the way that I love you
And that is the truth and nothing but the truth

If this were the last time my pen touched paper
I would tell you that we can’t wait for later
We are destined for greater
I want you to be with me right now

My last poem would certainly let you know
That I never wanted you to leave my side
That being without you has been so hard on me
And it has left me empty inside

I want you to move on
If being alone will make you unhappy
But a small part of me wants you to wait
I know that if you had been able to stay here with me
Just how different my life would be

You are my everything
I’m so afraid of losing you
I’m scared that time will betray me
And I’ll never get to be with you again
I want to spend forever with you
I want to stare into your eyes and smile
I want to know that you are mine

If this were the last time I expressed with words
Just what my heart wanted to be heard
You would see the truth that lives within me
You would understand why my heart beats
In the words that flow in my last poem

One thought on “Last Poem

  1. wow you got a great writing skills! I tried writing too, you can check out my blog if u want 🙂 ur ‘follow’ would be nice! 🙂


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