From A Distance

from a distance

He has his eyes set on her
But he will never make the move
Because he doesn’t know what to do
He is too insecure about himself
To make the first step
So it will never have pep

He can say the greatest things about her
Without even knowing her name
But he can’t articulate it to her
So what exactly is his aim?
What has him so scared that he can’t say hi?
Something is the reason that he can’t try…

All he can do is work from a length away
Leaves her notes and treats
No one knows the sender
He loves the emotions that his acts render
When he sees the look on her face
He smiles…
Knowing that he could make her day better
Still to scared though to try to get her
For he has not the strength inside
So behind his acts of kindness he hides

Waiting for too long to take action
Not knowing that some opportunities
Must be grasped before it’s too late
There isn’t much time to wait
Will he ever walk up to her?
And stop being subtle?
Will he get to know her name?
Lost many this way before…
Will this end the same?
Will she be gone…
If he just looks on?



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