The Way She Makes Me Feel

the way she makes me feel

She can bring a smile to my face without even trying
And with her smooth flowing voice
She speaks directly to me
On my attention she has a tight hold
As though she’s whispering to my soul
Having me hang on to every word like it’s the last
Like the greatest story ever told present future or past

Conversations with her are not lost
Each one having the subject of something new
Time spent is enjoyable as anything can be
With her there’s always something to do
When I’m around her it feels like
Like, you know that thing you just can’t explain
Brings about things in me that I can’t ascertain

She shows me what a real woman should be
Her head firmly placed on her shoulders
Making decisions that will benefit her
Always seems ready for the future
Knows the path that she wishes to take
With a dedication that no one can brake

The entire package with a ribbon at the top
Beauty and brains, good times non-stop
From her head to her toes she is a sight for sore eyes
And she also let’s you see what lies inside
Just ask, for she has nothing to hide

She makes me try harder than I did before
Doing my best partially with intent to impress
She always shows genuine interest
She can make a day better better than it ever was
Nothing else matters, like the world is on pause
And I always want to see her just because…
I can’t tell if this is a dream or real
That’s just the way she makes me feel…

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