Uncrossed Paths

uncrossed paths

Sometimes I wish I had never met you…
Because then I could go to bed at night
Not knowing there was someone like you out there
I wouldn’t have to wish that you were mine
Everything would be just fine

I know now what they mean
When they say that ignorance is bliss
I think I would have been better off
Not knowing that you exist
Now I go through my day
Wishing that I would see you again
Trying to tell myself that
We could only ever be friends…

Why did you have to come into my life?
Things were going just fine
Until you came in
You changed the meaning of everything
Now I can’t get enough and it’s rough
Dealing with the fact that you and I
Can never be us only we
It’s something clear to see

You belong there
While I belong here
And to us both it’s clear
That we crossed paths for other reasons
Though the awkward moments are few
I know that you feel the same way that I do
All the things being with you does to me
I almost wish that I never met you
But now that I think of it
You might just happen to be
The one of the best things
That ever happened to me…

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