You You You

you you you

I know that if you were all I had
I would have all that I could ever need
But I know
You can’t feel the same about me
Yet I still think of the ‘could be’

Emotions rise with proximity
And I placed you within
Down to the deepest place
Of my heart
And I can’t even start
Expressing the things I feel

These thing’s aren’t the easiest to explain
But they’re things we must say
To the ones that warm us
From within
The clock’s ticking
And I wish it would go slow
Because I’m not sure if I should let you know
That you make me better
Than I was before

Every time you walk out the door
There’s a moment when my breath becomes short
Then I miss you then I smile
Because I know that every second that passes
Is one closer to when I can see you again

When that time to again see you comes
It’s like you never left
Because you’re a constant memory
So whether in spirit or in reality
With you is where I will always be

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