With You

with you

Give me the choice to weather a storm with you

Or to enjoy the sunshine alone

And I’d tell you to grab the candles

Because without you it wouldn’t matter

How brightly the sun could have shown

I cherish the time that we spend together

Whether it’s talking about nothing

Or doing something

I’d give anything

To be with you

I’d walk until unable to take another step

Just to share the same air as you

To be close to you once again

And hold you tightly in my arms

That warm feeling that you give me

I couldn’t find anywhere else

No matter where I look or turn

Nowhere in this world

It’s something that only you can bring…

My heart starts to sing

The second I see you enter the room

When I see you smile at me and I smile back

Cue heart attack

Or suffocation due to stolen breath

It’s a dizzying feeling

A feeling like no other

And I’m glad that I get it

At times I wonder if you feel it too

That feeling I feel

When I’m with you

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