Here we are, you’re one of my best friends.
But I’ve come here to say this is the end.
You take that one look into my eyes.
You know me so well, you know this is no lie.
Baby, I promise that I will tell you why,
But you have to promise me, that I wont see you cry.
You say ok, but I know you lied.
Before my first words, I see the water build in your eyes.
I let you know that I never wanted to part.
Why would I? You still have me heart.

I begin to explain the life that I live.
“What they can offer, I can never give.
As much as I try to keep the truth inside,
There’s some things I don’t think I can provide.
I know that I say I love you so much now,
Yet at times I worry if I even know how.
Now don’t get me wrong, I never said that I don’t.
I am not going to let you doubt my love, I wont.
I should be doing so much more for you.
But because of my life, that I can’t do.
I can’t buy you the things you deserve.
I’m keeping you back, and I don’t have the nerve
To let you get what I know you should.
I feel so bad after you’ve treated me so good.
To be with you, you don’t know how that was my wish,
But I can’t continue down this road, being selfish.
Maybe I let my faults get to my head,
But I could not let these things go unsaid.
I’m not even sure in me what you see,
I just think you deserve so much better than me.”

She doesn’t speak, at the end of my speech.
She gets closer, so now I’m in reach.
I hang my head and feel like a disgrace,
Then she takes her hands and holds my face.
I look up, and she gives me a kiss.
Looks deep into my eyes and tells me this.
“I’ve listen closely to your words,
And this is the love that I deserve.
At times it almost makes me cry.
You know it’s impossible, but you still try
To do whatever it takes to make me smile.
You never want me unhappy, even for a while.
Now it doesn’t matter what you can or can’t do,
I’m not going anywhere, I love you.”

“But these feelings will always be here.”
“I know the truth, I don’t care.”

“But what about all the stuff…”
“No, your love is enough.”

“The perfect man, I can’t be.”
“Your the perfect man, for me.”

She wanted to love me, but I wouldn’t let her,
She just let me know, that things couldn’t be…

Any better.

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