Enough is Never Enough

enough is never enough

Moving on…
Two words that to them…
Had little meaning
Because neither could fight
What they were feeling
Just one glimpse was deal sealing
Arguments were few
Smiles were much more
Her, He loved
Him, She adored

He couldn’t get enough of her smile
She meant the entire world to him
He just wished she would always know
He’d never leave her side…where would he go?
She couldn’t get enough of the way he’d make her laugh
Damn his charm
When she was cold he was the one there to keep her warm
His hands were the ones to wipe away her tears
He said he did and showed that he cared

He loved the way her face fit into his hand
No other could have the same feel
When looking into her eyes
One thought came to mind: this is real
She loved the hugs and kisses
How he could be everything she expected
Looking into his eyes
She felt protected

He could never stay mad at her
He never wanted to cause her pain
He only wanted her happy
And to cry never again
When she was mad at him
It would never last
He just had this way…
Of making her laugh…

They were in love
So deeply that they were
Drowning in it
And they knew
That no matter what would come
Good times or bad
They’d be loving it…

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