Ripped Open

ripped open

You may never see what you mean to me
All I ask is that you take the time to look
I’m willing to offer myself to you fully
Make my life to you an open book
I really believe that it can work out
We can be each others good match
Because ever since I met you
I can’t help but to feel somewhat attached

I try to break free from the attraction
I don’t know why on me you have this effect
I never thought this could happen to me
But in life what can we really expect
I can’t begin to explain the feelings I get
Every time I look into those deep brown eyes
I’m sure the feelings could be seen on my face
Something that is hard for me to disguise

You bring the light to my darkness
Making everything seem to suddenly be clear
I feel like taking new risks with you
You have a way of taking away some of my fears
New feelings rush over me, more rivers than streams
I think you could be….the girl of my dreams
I’d rather give it to you than have someone else break it
So I’ll rip open my chest and yell to you…

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