Come Closer (Kiss Me Again)

Come closer
Let your lips and mine meet again
The four of them already act like old friends
And we keep making appointments for them to meet
Not kept away from each other too long
Where else would I find something so sweet?

Come closer
Because I can’t get enough of you
By the look on your face you could use some more too
You fit so snugly in my arms like a puzzle piece
I embrace you and you do the same
Not knowing which one will win
As we continue our kissing game

Come closer
Or maybe I should instead
While your standing unaware
Come behind, grab you and scare
Then hold tight and kiss you on the cheek
Turn your face to meet mine and kiss deep
Now, without breaking this lock turn your body
Now we’re face to face
One hand caressing that face
And the other making it’s way around your waist

Come closer
Give your body what it’s longing for
Pull me in close and close your eyes
Let go of your body as it responds to mine
Fade away with me and put your lips on auto-pilot
No need to think of what to do next
This is not anything that’s too complex

Come closer
Hug me like it’s our last day
Kiss me like you did yesterday
But save some for later
For now just savor
The time that we have here
If you can wait until then
I just hope that you come closer
And you can…
Kiss Me Again…

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