Her Night 02: Rising Action

The chocolate is starting to run
So I better be quick
Pour some into my mouth
Give you a kiss then begin to lick
I think that you like this
Your actions are making it clear
A soft moan is heard
As I nibble your ear
I’m sucking on your neck
Like a vampire from twilight
Then to spice things up
I give it a little bite
I have to be careful
And not give you a hickey
Lick my lips a bit
This chocolate gets sticky

I make my way down
Moving across your chest
Then I find myself in a dilemma
I am blessed
But how do I choose
Between these breasts
I can bare control myself
Couldn’t help but to dribble
Looking at the glistening chocolate
Running down your nipples

Since it’s usually bigger
I choose the one on the left
And I begin sucking on it
Making sure it doesn’t feel bereft
I kiss the breast
Making soft smacking sounds
Then my tongue goes back to nipple
And spins around and around

The nipple is hard
I think my job here is done
Have to be fair in this
So I move to the right one
And you can be sure
That it is my intent
To give this breast
The same treatment
These two round mounds
What a delicate conjugate
Back and forth I move
And at a steady rate alternate

I kiss my way to the middle
Kissing the area in between
This chocolate on your body
Is like a fine cuisine
I like the way that your body
Responds to the touch of my mouth
While you moan softly
I make my way south

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