To say that I am happy now
Would be far from true
This void was not always here
It was once filled by you
It was such a shock to me
When that dark day came
We were strangers to one another
No longer the same

Not a day goes by
That you are not on my mind
I was truly happy back then
I can’t leave those memories behind
My nights were not this lonely
I always had you to hold
Now I reach out into nothingness
When I start to feel cold
You are no longer here
To make me feel warm
Tell me how I make you feel
And fall alseep in my arms

No more late night texts
Giving a reason to fight sleep
Who would have known
That these feelings were so deep?
When my phone rings
I wish it was you on the other line
Checking as you always did
To make sure I was fine
I search each day
For a way to get through this
The well has run dry
And now the water is missed
My lips still cry out
For just one more kiss

You made my life a movie
And I enjoyed every scene
But we never made the production
This film will never be seen
Everything happens for a reason
That’s what they say
Why wasn’t there a reason
That would cause you to stay?
One day I will move on
But I have a lot of work to do still
You set the bar so high
Left big shoes to be filled

I try to forget about you
But my heart refuses
Love is blind
It doesn’t know who it chooses
I was not ready for this
I can’t stand the rain
I would give the world
To have you back again

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