Her Night 05: Falling Action

On the way to there
I have laid a little path
And the same rose petals
Are floating in your bubble bath
The room is filled with candles
Giving of a floral scent
I thought it would add a special touch
And your night it would accent

You look so lovely
As you get in the tub
While you get in
I get a bottle of bub
I join you shortly after
Making the water splash
I pour myself one
Then I pour you a glass
I make a toast to your night
And our glasses clink
We smile at each other
Then both take a drink

You feel so good
Is it because of my charm?
Or do you just like that
The water is warm
Being here with you feels good
But I would prefer
If we take a break from the bath
And got in the shower
Where I can lather you up
With the beaded soap
Using either the cloth
Or the sponge on the rope

Wash my back
And then I can wash yours
Taking our time
As onto our bodies
The water pours
I couldn’t help myself
So I grab you from behind
We rinse off
While onto me you grind

Youre enjoying the time in here
I can say without a doubt
But it’s time to go to bed
We have to get out
I turn off the water
And help you to get dry
You begin to feel cold
As time goes by
You want to feel warm
What would be better than
Taking it back to the bed
Going back to where we began

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