Her Night 06: Resolution

I pull back the covers
Revealing where we will lie
I let you get in first
Cause I’m a nice guy
I turn of the lights
And darkness fills the room
The only illumination
Comes from the shine of the moon
I let you know
That I had a good time tonight
So I look you in the eyes
And this poem I recite

“Baby, this night was yours
Hope you had a good time
Now let me finish it off
With a little rhyme
I want to let you know
That I’ll always be here for you
Be your knight in shining armor
And help make your dreams come true
When you get cold at night
I’ll be the one you embrace
All you have to do in return
Is keep a smile on your face
I can promise you
That I’m the one to keep
Now let’s call it a night
And go to sleep
There is no one else
With whom time I’d rather spend
But in regards to your night
This is the end”

You turn over
And I hold on to you tight
One more kiss
Then we both say…

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