Walking Away From The Pain

That glimmer in your eye

I try to catch it every time

Seeing it makes my day

And I wish I knew why

What did you do to me?

It happened too fast

I didn’t even see

Now a day without your smile

Is like a snow globe with no snow

I feel like a wanderer with no place to go

Just empty…

Around you I feel complete

Could you be the missing piece…

To this puzzle I’ve been trying to finish?

If you want me on my knees…

Well, here I am

When it comes to you, I have no need for pride

I’ll say it from mountain high

I want to be yours

And have you as mine

If only you could change your mind

Would you see what I see?

Could I be the one you need?

Just give us a try

Give me one night

One chance

To prove your intuition wrong

Hear my heart’s song

Let’s dance to the beat

If I could change your mind

It will be worth your while

Say yes with that beautiful smile

If not then give me one last kiss

I’ll walk away forever

You, I will miss

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