Evolution of Love

It begins as nothing more than simple attraction
You attention is caught at first glance
Standing still as if caught in a trance
Afraid to make the first advance
Don’t know what will be the reaction

Then it transforms to something stronger
You can’t help but to spend time
There for them at the drop of a dime
Your emotions start to climb
If this is wrong you want to be wronger

It changes again as feelings start to grow deep
You wonder if what you feel could be true
Is all this time worth putting into
Someone you can’t help but pursue
Because they are all you see in your sleep

The next stage is not easy for some to comprehend
When you see them you can’t disguise
How one simple look makes your spirit rise
Can’t help but to look deeply within their eyes
As you no longer can see them in your life as just a friend

The final stage is one that most try not to be in
No one likes to be vulnerable
This is all form makes you able
To be. You become a bit unstable
Hard to fight the strength of the feelings within

Your in such an alterd state of mind
That you don’t care if they feel the same
Making them happy becomes your aim
Your feelings are their claim
A person as content as you is hard to find

This becomes a problem and the solution thereof
Is to let go and see what will arise
If it fails then there are many tries
But I warn you that it would be wise
To know that my friend you are in


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