Look For Me

This one is for you

Yes just for you

Now if only I knew

Who you could be

You see…

It’s been fifteen years

Since we first met

But we haven’t yet

I wonder…

If you remain a remnant

Of my dreams


You’re literally the girl of my dreams

Back then I couldn’t wait to sleep

Because that meant another adventure

What would we do tonight?

Who would we be?

Our baby was once taken by the M.I.B.

We fell in love over and over

I don’t care if they were only dreams

In my eyes you were real

I felt every kiss

Every hug

Like you were right there with me

I missed you

It was you who made me believe

The possibility

That dreams could become reality


I tried to find you

Searching the phone book

Then I saw all the people with the same last name

And learned that everyone wasn’t in it

I almost gave up hope…

I put off my search

Because the task was too daunting

But my dreams…

You were still haunting

Just in a good way

The dreams though

Stopped one day

Did this mean that you’d gone away?

Would I never again see your face?

Feel your embrace?

What did I do?

To have to lose you?

If I could bring you to life

I’d choose to…

If this is such a small world

Why haven’t I met this girl?

I held on to your memory

Even to this day

I’ll never forget your name

I’ll look for you wherever I go

And if you are out there

When you see me

You’ll know…

Ms. Sunfire Jones…

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