Can’t Escape

There’s not a day that goes by
That she isn’t on his mind
If he hadn’t ask for one before
Well, this is his sign
He tries his hardest to not think
But still, she is all he sees
No where to turn
When will he be able to break free?

A part of him likes that he sees her
Sometimes he goes out of his way to look
He is so caught up in this
He searches for her name in books
Every corner he banks
He wishes she would be on the other side
He is hurt a bit
When this wish is denied

His eyes see his un-winnable prize
And all he can do is sigh
He can’t turn away
And doesn’t know why
He decides he wants to see no more
Tries his hardest to think of anything else
But this is easier said than done
Nature and life wont offer any help
Maybe it’s a signal
That shows how much his heart yearns
Because for some reason
He sees her…
Everywhere he turns

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