Endless Tears

I don’t cry because I can’t get you

Because that’s just how things must be

These tears are not the effect of you leaving

Or because your beautiful face

I can no longer see each day

These tears have a reason

That no one will figure out

They run across my face as though

Slipping from my eyes

And there is no stopping them from falling

I’ve tried and tried…

I’m not crying because I’m hurt

Knowing that my heart

Fell to the dirt right under your foot

Then moments later broke

Or that everything I tried to do

Went up before my eyes

In smoke as the ashes came down

I’m not crying because I gave up

On something that meant so much

These tears are not because I miss you

And everyday I can’t help but think of you

Not even because it could never be

I’m not crying because you couldn’t love me

I’m not crying because we never had a future

Not because things can never go back to the way they were

I cry because I’m afraid

That I’ll be crying forever…

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