200 Eyes on Me

Last year my now girlfriend, Hikari Aie (https://hikaricherryblossoms.wordpress.com), told me that I should start expressing myself through a blog instead of holding things in so much. It’s basically anonymous and that people out there will be able to relate to me. Even back then, I would try anything she asked at least once, so I did it. I published my first post about a situation that we were going through. Boy did the views come in on that one. People cried. It felt good to connect to so many people like that, so I decided to keep expressing. I went into my archive of poems and started sharing them here. Just like the first blog, people started to like them. Then I started getting followers. Day after day, someone new would come along. I was still shocked that people were reading and possibly waiting on my posts.

It feels honoring to have 100 people who don’t even know me following my blog and actually reading and enjoying what I have to write. Thank you to all for reading and following this blog. I will try to keep up to your expectations. 😥 You guys rock. Again I say thank you.

Thank you Patrick (http://basementsaid.com/) for being the 100th follower.

~ Silence

Most Liked Posts

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With You – https://breakingthesilenc3.wordpress.com/2015/12/24/with-you/
From A Distance – https://breakingthesilenc3.wordpress.com/2015/12/21/from-a-distance/
Breath of Fresh Air – https://breakingthesilenc3.wordpress.com/2015/12/19/breath-of-fresh-air
Inspiration Cut Short – https://breakingthesilenc3.wordpress.com/2015/12/17/inspiration-cut-short/
Uncrossed Paths – https://breakingthesilenc3.wordpress.com/2015/12/22/uncrossed-paths/

Favorite Sites to Follow


Followers who put up with my posts 🙂
(Common Likers)
Imperfection is Beauty – https://yeye2188.wordpress.com
Hikari Aie – https://hikaricherryblossoms.wordpress.com
Unbolt – https://unbolt.wordpress.com
Paul F Lenzi – https://poesypluspolemics.com
E.I. Wong – https://notesfromanarcissist.wordpress.com
Pseudonymous – https://consciousnesscreatesreality.wordpress.com
Praeze – https://praeze1d.wordpress.com
Robert Okaji – https://robertokaji.com
PuppyDoc – https://phoebemd.com
Soumya Mishra – https://fawksteretworld.wordpress.com
Quillandcurio – https://quillandcurio.comIs

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