Can’t agree on anything can’t we?
Why not just stop trying to refuse
I know that you know what I’m saying
Is the truth…
Down each others’ throats
Both trying to scream over the next
Never a calm conversation
Someone’s always getting vex
You call me outlandish
And I think you just make no sense
So I think we’ll never see eye to eye
I can’t make use of what you say
No matter how hard I try
But there’s something that we can do
It has helped many before
Put many an argument to rest
Maybe then we wont fight as much anymore

I wanted it to be over now
So that we could move on from the topic
Wanted to end the argument
And end it quick
Sarcasm was high in my voice
But my words were true
It was the only thing I could do
I really wasn’t trying to be funny
When I told her…

Lets agree to respect each others views
No matter how wrong yours may be.

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