Long Forgotten

You just passed me by without even a look
Don’t remember me…do you?
I guess I can forgive you for the lapse
A good enough amount of time has passed
It all started with a note passed between two
You asked me how old I was
I replied that I was eighteen
You said that you were twenty-two
After I asked you the same
Next came…
The exchanging of the names

I had just gotten into this institution
While you were on your way out
Unlucky of us to become friend at that time
It would take a while to find out
You were more than a way home
More than all the meals we shared
I could sense something when around you
Like how much you really cared
Age was just a number to us
Because we were both kids at heart
Always in laughs and smiles from the start
Whispering back and forth in class
Playing table tennis right after
Then you would take me home
And we would wait to see each other…
The next day
If only things could have stayed
This way…

Life is so predictable at times
That the upcoming train wreck
Is hard to detect
Though we feel it drawing near
This institution was what kept us close
But as soon as you were free
There was no more use for me
So you left me alone for good
Texts went unanswered…
Calls went straight to the machine…
Never knew you to be this mean

What else could I do…but just let you go
Now years have gone by
Since the last time we talked
And that’s the way things must be
The two of us
Turned from friends
To simple

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