My Comforter

I’m cold…

Where are you?

The only thing I need now

Are your arms draped around me

Gently and slowly warming me

Fighting back at this cold damp night

No jacket or sweater will do

This is no job for a quilt, blanket, or comforter

And on top of that I’m missing you

You comfort me more than you know

I reach out for your body

Then on my face disappointment is shown

Your absence drives me crazy

And I ponder not being alone

We should be cuddling

Rubbing noses together

Smiling at each other in the dark

Listening to the sounds of the weather

The droplets of rain dance on the window

As the winds softly blows in the leaves

And in here…it’s just you and me

Kiss after kiss and then another

Pulling one another in closer

Still trying our best to get warm

The molecules of our bodies swarm

In the each others direction

We can’t keep still

But why do I still feel this chill?

I open my eyes

And I suddenly realize

That is was only a thought

A second short of a dream

But still too far from reality

You’re not here with me

I’m still here alone

Where are you?

I’m cold…

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