Fugitive of Love

This is working out
Not how it’s supposed to be
The way I feel
Is not returned to me
I took everything that I would need
And I threw it into my pack
Now I’m a man on the run
I have to constantly look back
I wont allow myself to get captured
Can’t get sent back to that state
I can’t take it anymore
That feeling is not so great

He’s coming to get me
The detective heavy on the chase
I need to cover my tracks
Be careful not to leave a trace
He is really trying to catch me
He’s giving this his all
This guy is one of the best
But he does not follow protocol
Kinda trigger happy this one is
I wouldn’t call him a big waiter
When he finds who he’s looking for
It’s shoot first ask questions later
He doesn’t use bullets
But rather primitive ammunition
When you get hit though
You feel a certain condition

He has captured many people
Even some of my friends
That’s why I’m so sure
That he will chase me till the end
I have to be careful who I talk to
They could be on his side
I need to keep away from the females
Well, I need to at least try
When I think that it’s cool
And we are just friends
He is right there
Hiding around the bend
It would be much easier
To just give myself in
But I have a big problem
With letting other people win

If he succeeds in catching me
I will want what I can never get
And in the end I’ll be unhappy
And as usual also upset
I escaped from the prison
I think that it made him mad
In and out ever since
I was a little lad
He has chased me for so long
I always seem to slip away
Had a close encounter
He almost caught me today
His expression was indifferent
He looked at me narrow eyed
He said:


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