Love Reflected

If love were to look into a mirror…
What would it see?
How would that moment be?
Does it stand there
And stare at itself?
Thinking of where it will be today?
Or how it will be portrayed?

In a painting…a song…or just an expression of the heart
Does love see red roses…and violets of blue?
Does it see something kind…and something true?
What does love see…?
Does it see the evil…of those with broken hearts?
Does it see time wasted
Hurt feelings
Hating itself
Telling itself that it sucks
Or that it belongs to people with luck
Frowning at the sight of itself

What does love see…?
Does it see the beauty…of those who really know what it is?
Something that it doesn’t want to lose
Easily given and easily taken
Never mistaken
Maybe it gets a warm feeling inside
And the image makes it smile
Ear to ear
Does it see something
That bridges all the gaps
Or lasts forever

What does love see…?
Does it see the longing…of those who want to feel it?
Or those who don’t know what it is
Feeling like something is missing
And that life will not be the same
Until it is found
Seeing a stranger before itself
Does it wonder who is looking back
Because it appears unfamiliar?
What would love see…
If it were to look in a mirror?

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