You have clearly gotten over me


How do I get over you?

Nothing I try works

I lie to myself

Trying to reprogram my mind

Overwrite the feelings that are still there

I tell myself that I don’t love you when I do

I still do

I try to replace you with a barrage of people

That fails because at the end of the night

Or next to them the next morning

I end up making comparisons in my head

The things you would have done differently

The words you would have used

They can never be you

I need a remedy for this attachment

To break the connection that I still have

The drunken states I run to

To run from my feelings

Only last so long

The hangover that comes in the morning

Brings the feelings along with it

Closure never reached me

So I am stuck here

With a conflicted heart

Searching for a cure

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