Who am I?

I have my own name

I’m just like everyone else

But I don’t feel the same

They make me feel claustrophobic

Yet I feel like no one is near

When I try to reach out

No one is there

With all these people around

I should feel safe

But in the arms of none

Is my trust placed

I say that I am OK

But that doesn’t mean I’m fine

I feel like I connect to no one

Can’t seem to find that line

I want to get their attention

I should get myself a sign

Can they hear me calling?

Maybe I should shout

Trapped in this space

Need a way out

Am I invisible?

Can I at least catch someone’s eye?

Is there one person

Who won’t just pass me by?

Maybe this phase I’m in

Is like a passing cloud

Why do I feel alone

Even when I’m in a crowd?

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