Rejected Invitation

I asked her to dinner and she said no

I had no idea

Why she didn’t want to go with me

I mean isn’t this what you do?

Go grab a bite

Watch a movie or two

She said she was staying in

Didn’t feel too well


I respected her wishes and went to dinner alone

Enjoying the ambiance

Sharing jokes with the servers

Then enters her

On the arms of another


I thought I must have been dreaming


I avoided eye contact

Got my dinner to go

Grabbed my coat

Tipped generously

Then headed home

I thought about what happened

It stung just a bit

I know that my endeavors

I’d have to quit


She always said I was a nice guy

Too nice at times

Told me that being mean must be a hard feat

I scoffed

A text came in from her

Saying “Maybe next week?”

Without a second thought

I just hit delete

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