Love Reflected

If love were to look into a mirror…
What would it see?
How would that moment be?
Does it stand there
And stare at itself?
Thinking of where it will be today?
Or how it will be portrayed?

In a painting…a song…or just an expression of the heart
Does love see red roses…and violets of blue?
Does it see something kind…and something true?
What does love see…?
Does it see the evil…of those with broken hearts?
Does it see time wasted
Hurt feelings
Hating itself
Telling itself that it sucks
Or that it belongs to people with luck
Frowning at the sight of itself

What does love see…?
Does it see the beauty…of those who really know what it is?
Something that it doesn’t want to lose
Easily given and easily taken
Never mistaken
Maybe it gets a warm feeling inside
And the image makes it smile
Ear to ear
Does it see something
That bridges all the gaps
Or lasts forever

What does love see…?
Does it see the longing…of those who want to feel it?
Or those who don’t know what it is
Feeling like something is missing
And that life will not be the same
Until it is found
Seeing a stranger before itself
Does it wonder who is looking back
Because it appears unfamiliar?
What would love see…
If it were to look in a mirror?

Puns For You 12

Laughter fills the room

Caught you off guard with that joke

You face lights up as you smile

And it’s been a while

Since I saw it

I’ve taken up the job

Of making you happy

Whatever it takes

I’ll bring a smile to you

When you laugh

I do too

We go together like covalent elements

Sharing equally

Our smiles


And love

Reminisce…(Go Pwell)

The title is not English of course. A friend described my situation as that, and I went with it. We all look back at times…sometimes we even get lost in those memories. The past is always a powerful place to visit. Reminisce with me…

Enough is enough I say
But I still keep that song on repeat
I don’t wish to click play
Yet I listed to it once again…lovely beat
Why does it feel like it was made for me?
This artist seems to feel my exact situation
Who let out these personal details?
Causing me such frustration…
Like an abandoned campsite
There is no longer a fire
Like the milk that was left out too long
Things seem to have expired
Now I feel pathetic…

Searching for confirmations that need not be
Wishing that as much as I miss you right now
You can feel the same way about me
Listening to Michael Bolton and Richard Marx
Smooth jazz and those sad blues
Flipping through old photos
Seeing your smile and smiling too
Looking through a sea of tears
Staring at a lost treasure
That should have been treasured
A gem…
That shattered and blew away into the wind
Now I try with great effort to glue back every last shard
Even though inside I know it will be hard

I have no intentions to stop searching
I now know how to measure worth
There is no other on this earth
Who will matter this much again
To me…
Why did it take this long to see?…
When before me lay this light
That always shone so bright
Calling out
Why didn’t I believe?…
When I had the truth
I wish I could blame youth
But right now…that wont do
Now how will I again learn to breathe?…
When my only source of air
Is no longer here…

Again I press play…

Running Was All She Knew

Left, right
Sprinting forward
She runs
For as long as she can remember
She’s been running
From situations she didn’t want to handle
From conversations she didn’t want to have
She ran from the things right in front of her
She was never able to escape
Everything always caught up
Stronger than when she left it
If only she’d dealt with it then

He’d been watching her
For as long as he’s known her
She’s been running
He tries to get her to stop
He tries to get her to slow down
Deal with things before they get bigger
He was proud when she ran to him
Away from something she’d been holding on to
Straight into his arms she ran
He caught her
Holding on to her
She was so tired

He feels the movement
She tries to push off his chest
Things are getting real
Her instincts kick in
She needs to run again
He holds on to her
Shouting her name
Trying to break the trance
Attempting to snap her out of it
She shakes her head
Gathering herself

She’s trying to run
Away from the same love that saved her
Tears stream down her face
Her body wants to run
But her heart won’t let her
He holds her to him
Against the resistance he’ll fight
Fight for her like he always has
His heart is tied to hers
Anchoring her in place
Love keeps her here

Rise and Shine

This is a new day

Another chance to live right

Open up the windows

And let in the sunlight

This is the epoch

Where it all begins

This is the time

To chase those dreams within

You have 24 Hours

To make your dreams come true

You’re in the driver’s seat

You choose what you want to do

These 1,440 minutes can fly by

Without you knowing where they went

Take as much as you can in

Try to savor the time spent

86,400 seconds once again

Try to keep a smile on your face

Time is of the essence

Those seconds should not go to waste

Before you head out that door

Make sure that you pray

Start off right on the beginning of…

This New Day

Short Changed

If I make myself feel nothing

It doesn’t mean I never felt

I think I am on the border

Of being withholding


Is all that I have

It keeps me from being angry

It makes the truths that I know

Less hurtful to me

Something getting in the way

Love has not died

I see it in your eyes

In the hesitation of actions

That are needed to be made

You are afraid to cause pain

Even after all that was done to you

You can’t do the things

You know you need to do

I don’t have it all

But I will wait


If that is what it takes

Fugitive of Love

This is working out
Not how it’s supposed to be
The way I feel
Is not returned to me
I took everything that I would need
And I threw it into my pack
Now I’m a man on the run
I have to constantly look back
I wont allow myself to get captured
Can’t get sent back to that state
I can’t take it anymore
That feeling is not so great

He’s coming to get me
The detective heavy on the chase
I need to cover my tracks
Be careful not to leave a trace
He is really trying to catch me
He’s giving this his all
This guy is one of the best
But he does not follow protocol
Kinda trigger happy this one is
I wouldn’t call him a big waiter
When he finds who he’s looking for
It’s shoot first ask questions later
He doesn’t use bullets
But rather primitive ammunition
When you get hit though
You feel a certain condition

He has captured many people
Even some of my friends
That’s why I’m so sure
That he will chase me till the end
I have to be careful who I talk to
They could be on his side
I need to keep away from the females
Well, I need to at least try
When I think that it’s cool
And we are just friends
He is right there
Hiding around the bend
It would be much easier
To just give myself in
But I have a big problem
With letting other people win

If he succeeds in catching me
I will want what I can never get
And in the end I’ll be unhappy
And as usual also upset
I escaped from the prison
I think that it made him mad
In and out ever since
I was a little lad
He has chased me for so long
I always seem to slip away
Had a close encounter
He almost caught me today
His expression was indifferent
He looked at me narrow eyed
He said:


This Time. That Time.

There is…

Nothing to do

All this free time spent up in my room

For some reason time doesn’t fly by when you’re alone

The sands of time have slowed….down

These are the times I wish I had a girl

To just hold on to, to chill if you will

Chicks always say that they want time

We’ll time is something that I got

They can find their way to my spot

All I have is time

Any kind that you want

The “turn my phone off because it’s all about you” time.

That cherished “me and you” time

Or how about the

“You guys go ahead

I’m gonna be with my girl tonight” time?

These are the times I wish I had a girl

Then this time would not have felt wasted

No one to hold on to and just enjoy that

Feeling that you get when you see

They fit into your arms so perfectly

Listening to music that doesn’t help the mood

There’s no way a single person can enjoy food

I should be feeding her

While she feeds me

You feel me?

But nah…

All I got is that “sitting alone

Thinking about her” time

The “wishing she were here

Or that I was there” time

Wanting a bit of her time

Add it to my time

Make it our time

Time with her would be time not wanted back

I know that

These are the times I wish I had a girl

When I have all the time…

To make her my world…