When he looks at her he sees beauty and potential

Things that she doesn’t see in herself

He also sees that she is withering away from the inside

He pours love over her

Enough that it reaches her roots

She wants to open up to him

To blossom

Afraid of the world

She hides from the light

Away from people and judging stares

Away from failures that seem imminent to her

She’s adapted to her surroundings

Her thorns grown in defense

Keep him from being able to touch her

To show her how soft his touch can be

He keeps the distance she allows

Continuing to show her love

Sometimes she explodes

Letting out a plume of toxins

He hacks and coughs

And even with puffed eyes

He sees her beauty

He will not give up

She will not wither away

As long as he has a say


No More Flowing Inspiration

She was the reason

The inspiration

Without her

He would have never been writing music

Once it was meant for her

It was always beautiful

The audience loved it

The sounds from his guitar

In the past two weeks

He couldn’t count the number of times

He wanted to smash it into a wall

Or throw it into the lake

She was gone now

The music she brought to him

Left the moment she did

He thought that he would never be able

To write another song again

Until his fingers found their way

No longer lost

But the sound they now played

Were filled with sadness and pain

They were still for her

She still inspired him from beyond


The Clear Winner

Life can be tough

Sometimes even unfair

If you follow your heart

Stay true to yourself in the hard times

All the sadness will have been worth it

Relationships gone awry

You never understood why

It always felt like you were on the losing end

Because you got nothing out of it

Little did you know you were heading

To where you needed to be

The experiences were just lessons

Things that you needed to go through

Now look at you

You’re ready

For the love you have been waiting for

You no longer feel like the loser

Now that you know

There’s only one sure thing

In the end nothing else matters

Because love always wins

Recipes for Love

Coffee in a cup

Wasn’t the best part of waking up

It was him holding her waist

As she stirred a pot of oatmeal

He kissed her cheek before getting a pan

To cook the eggs and bacon

Kisses were stolen while stirring and flipping

Until the meal was complete

Then it was time to eat


Later that night after work

They would once again meet here

She cut the chicken into pieces

He made the sauce for the pasta

Always with extra oregano

That’s how he loved making the Alfredo

They bonded while cooking

Mornings, nights, and in between

Extra love sprinkled into each dish

Made by this King and Queen


I Got You

I’ll always have your back
I know you’ll have mine
You’ve proven it
Time and time again
I’ll always be that friend you can
Depend on no matter what
No doubt about it
Every kiss will be from the heart
Every hug will be warm and tight
My chest will always be here
For you to fall asleep on
When you call I’ll answer
Never make you feel lonely
Above all
You’ll always feel wanted
You’ll always be my princess
My time is your time
I don’t need me time
As long as I have you
I want my love to always feel
Like it’s young and exciting
I want it to remain

The Boulder of the Past

The reason that some people are struggling in their present day lives is usually because they are still held in place by their past. The thing they don’t take the time to realize is that they have so much potential that is being hindered. They don’t try to get through things because they believe they will always end up like it did before.

For some, letting go easy. Almost too easy. These people may appear to be better off, but they also have things that they need to deal with. Letting go easily does not give time to deal and get to understand the problem. It is difficult to empathize with others if you don’t have the full experience of the ordeal.

What both parties need is each other. The ones holding on to the past need to see that there is a way to let things go. The ones who do not know how to deal need to understand that sometimes you need to go through things to come out stronger. When it comes to it, they both have pasts that they must deal with at one point or another. Hopefully, they must find the ideal ways of letting go in order to have a decent present and better future.

Heart’s Wishes

My heart feels pain seen in my face

In times of solitude it makes me wish three wishes

In it’s place

Wishes that have been in there for so long

Because of everything that has happened to us

I wish I knew how to love without killing myself

Because sometimes I love the wrong people

Even love to much when I know I shouldn’t

I wish I knew how to mend hearts without breaking my own

Always giving more of myself to others

At the sake of my own happiness

I wish I knew how to kiss and not create bruises

My lips not knowing how to be gentle

Ravage others in the presence of passion

I feel the pain of my heart

But I have only one wish of my own

I wish all the pain would end soon

Playful Love

We’re at our best when being silly

Kissing in between smiles

Forgetting all the stress and focusing

Only on what we have

She licks my face like a puppy

I nibble at her ear while purring

Wrestling under the sheets

Right before the pillow fight

Watching movies and getting hit by popcorn

Then she stares at the screen innocently

Like I wouldn’t know it was her

Now she’s pinned down under tickling fingers

Laughing so hard she can’t stop the snorts

I stop only to kiss her once more

We stare at each other loving

For what feels like forever

Until my fingers start going again

In the moments when seriousness goes away

I know how serious about her I am

Inner Struggle

How can your mind stop loving someone

When your heart isn’t ready to

How do you tell yourself a lie

While deep inside you know the truth

There’s no way you could feel any different

No matter how hard you try

They just make you feel something

That you’re not afraid to hide

You try to change the way you feel

To no avail

Feelings of love always prevail

Staying far away doesn’t help

It only makes you want to see them more

Because you know deep down inside

They’re that one person you truly adore