Hardest Simple Question

We’ve known each other for a while now

We have been through so much

Tears, Smiles, Arguments

And through it all

We always find our way back

I to you and you to me

I believe that we were made for each other

And there’s something I want to ask…

Without you in my life

Nothing makes much sense

I fell in love with you from the start

You fill up the entire volume of my heart

It beats the syllables of your name

This is no game

I want to wake up to your face each morning

And fall asleep with you in my arms

Make me the one

Who protects you from harm

With me is where you should be

I’m not perfect but tell me who is

I can’t promise that you’ll always be happy

Or that you will never cry

The most that I can do is to try

It’s the least that you deserve

You mean the world to me

I want to show it to you in the best way

Take a walk with me

We’ll be gone for a while

But I’ll always be by your side

Make me the happiest man ever

What I’m asking is…

Do you have any plans for forever?


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