When you really care about someone…you can feel it in your bones. Words can never describe the feelings that take over your body. After a while, it becomes…love.

The world is a scary place

But I’ll be here to hold your hand

I’ll show you that I can be here

When it seems like no one else can

Just trust me to not let you down

Know that I’ll always be around

For you…


Leave only vacancies everywhere

You open up

In my heart

We can conquer it all that can be thrown at us

If we promise to have each others’ backs

Keep offering one another advice when needed

Make sure to keep ourselves on track

I’ve found that there is a big difference

Between feeling and being in

The first is just a taste of victory

While in the latter, you truly win

I say that I never felt it before

But this time I want more

With you by my side

I have the feeling that I can do it all

I’m able to handle any obstacle

Whether it may be big or small

And whenever we’re apart for too long

I call feel my heart trying to get out to you

Beating stronger and louder than it ever has

I believe so that yours can hear

Sending out a form of Morse code

Telling your heart that I’ll soon be there

Can you bear to lean on me?

Let’s etch our love into clay

And as it burn over time

It will soon harden into stone

Then it can never fade away

Even when we feel alone

The future is an unsure place

But we can make one thing true

That I’ll be in your future

And in mine…it will be you

If only you let me

I’ll set your heart free

Come here and never ever ever leave


Two hearts with one beat…

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