Haunted Every Day

How do you deal with depression? I’m not even talking about your own depression. How do you help someone you love out of this hole they find themselves in?

The truth is that all you can do is be there for them. They will only get better if they want to. There’s no rushing then out of it. No loving them out of it. At that point your own insecurities come into play. Why aren’t you good enough? Why can’t you help? You know it’s not about you, but it’s hard to not think that way.

If you’re in love, I mean head over heels in love, then the fear of losing them haunts you Every. Single. Day. You know how depression usually ends. You expect to wake up one day and get the worst news of your life.

You’ll know that there was never anything that you could do. You wouldn’t force them to do anything that they didn’t want to do, so how would you get them to get help if they didn’t want it? Is it your fault? Even though you know it isn’t, that thought is now the one that haunts you Every. Single. Day.

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