New Love

New love is a beautiful thing. There’s all the feelings of bliss. The honeymoon phase and all that. It can last for months and even maybe a couple years. Sometimes though it barely lasts weeks.

After what I have seen and experienced, I believe that new love should be nurtured for a while. Meaning that new love should have some kind of foundation. Dating can lead to new love, but dating should last longer than just a couple months. Maybe even a year to a year and a half. A foundation of friendship is one of the best ways to keep relationships going for the long run. Most of the greatest love stories start with “We knew each other for all our lives” or “We were friends for years”.

This kind of love is usually the one that lasts for a lifetime. When people say that they can’t enter relationships with their best friends because they don’t want to change the relationship, I don’t understand it. Being in a relationship should feel no different than being with someone you can call your best friend at the end of the day. I believe that being in love with your best friend is something that can lead to a lifetime of love and happiness. When that new love hatches, it will grow into something beautiful.

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