She’s my paradise
Hair like leaves of the palms
Swaying back and forth
As she walks
With her curvy hips
That I just want to hold onto
She turns to me
Her eyes deep like the oceans
Though they’re not blue
Brown pupils stare back
I can look into them forever
Her smile bright like the sun
Lighting up my world
Her laugh intoxicating
Like the drink in the coconut cup
Voice soothing
Like the crashing waves
Always cheering me up
Time always flies
When we’re together
But I have nowhwre to go
I love her so
She’s my paradise

30 Day Challenge – Day 12

Day 12 – Bullet your whole day

• I went to bed at around 4 in the morning. I was talking on the phone with my girlfriend: she didn’t want to go to sleep without me being on the phone.

• I went through a couple alarms this morning before finally getting up and getting my day started.

• Texted my girlfriend for a while.

• Took a shower with some music playing. Washed away the sleep.

• I got dressed with my favorite music playing and got into a good mood. I knew from that moment that I was going to have a good day.

• Walked to the bus stop, but I forgot my charger. Had to walk back home to get it. Silly me. Got on the bus and headed to work.

• I talked to my advisor about my thesis and she directed me in the right path for the edits that I needed to make. I edited it in about two hours while my shows downloaded in the background.

• After my shows were done, it was time for my date with her. I walked happily to the bus stop at school and waited anxiously for the shuttle. She sneaked up behind my and wrapped her arms around my neck. Highlight of my day.

• We got on the bus and headed into town. Walked to the tire shop were I play dominoes then to the restaurant.

• Took her a while to figure out her order, but she finally got it. We ate lunch and talked about anything and nothing.

• After lunch, I walked her to the bus stop and kisses her before she got on. Didn’t want to stop missing her. I wouldn’t mind waiting for the next bus.

• I walked back to the tire shop and played some dominoes with the guys. I won some and lost some. All in a days work I guess.

• When everyone left, I walked home and called my her. We stayed on the phone for some time before I let her go.

• Then I started watching the shows I downloaded this morning. Gonna be doing that and texting her for the rest of the night.