Missing Early

I don’t like to miss people 

Though some people you just can’t help

But to wonder 

What are you going to do

Without them

No more smiles 

No more laughter

Heart aches to come

Depressing to think

Of what life will be 

Because you already know

You’ll be empty 

And alone

Future Mrs. Alexander 

​When things go good, we laugh together and enjoy the time we share, but anyone can do that. When things go south, I cry to her and lean on her. She might not always understand my point of view, but boy does she listen and try. I couldn’t ask for better and I try to repay with love every single day that I have the chance to. My motivator, my diary, my confidant, my headache, my best friend, my heartbeat, my lover, my everything. MINE. I love her from once upon a time until happily ever after. There’s never been anyone in my life like her before. If I didn’t ask her to marry me, I’d be a fool. In a year I’ll be the happiest man alive. I just hope that I can make her…. 

As happy as she makes me…