Here and There and Everywhere 

Fickle fickle creatures 

Dying for attention 

Throwing away what they have 

When they feel they can get more 

Giving up anything 

For something less sure



Doing harm to those 

They swear show no care

Turning their backs

On the ones truly there

Gotta accept it

Life was never fair 

Handy Man

He was good at fixing the relationships of others

Although he could never seem to start his own

When ill-treated women needed an ear he was there

He treated them better than they had ever been before

He laid the plans out for them to see

Showed the way that real relationships should be

In the end they realized they could do better

Then the men realized it too

They would fix their act and get back on track

He knew that his job here was through

The time never available before was now being made

She forgot about our hero and from her life he’d fade

Even though they were just friends

It didn’t mean that he couldn’t miss her

His job was over now

They no longer needed

The relationship fixer…

Heart and Body Unwanted

He ripped it out of his chest

Ready to give it to her

It beat quickly in the palm of his hand

It was excited about the destination

He smiled at it and it smiled back

The walked together

To her

They round the corner

Then they saw it

Both of them almost broke

At the same time

For she was in the arms of another

He looked down at his heart

It did not catch his gaze

For it was still focused on the sight before it

It got heavier in his hand

It finally looked back to him

Then to the hole he had made

It sighed and nodded

It was going back in again

It felt unwanted

Yet again turned down

It beat slowly


He put it back in his chest

Where he would protect it

The two would never be alone

Because they had each other

Unknowingly Replaced

She had given up everything she had for him

Changed on the outside and even within

Even her outlook on love was different

She began to settle instead of fight

At the end of the day

She thought she did everything right

Slapped in the face

She didn’t even know

That she was already replaced

All the work she had done

Was thrown down the drain

Hurt so badly

That she would never

Easily love again

She thinks on it daily

What could she have done better

To keep him here with her

Haunting Choices

I’ve made many choices before
Some turned out better than others
And the rest
Lest just say that things could have been better
These choices left me in positions
Ones that I have not been in in a while
They almost erased my smile….

Look into my eyes and see the lonely tears
They watched on as their brothers and sister went before them
Across my face and onto the floor
They had no choice but to come forth from my eyes
My eyelids had no choice but to close
And with every beat another one slipped through
My heart is shattered into pieces
Yet every single piece loves you the same as the whole
Just the thought of you warms me
So I guess I know now
How to run from the cold
Though it would be better…
If your body I could hold

I made the choice to stay
Even though it was clear that it would cause me pain
When I was down and out I came back
Again and again
I will always remain out of sight and out of mind
Hurt by something they say is blind
I didn’t want the choice of any other than that one:
The one that I think of more than anything else
The one I love to see smile
The one that I love.

It was my choice
You were my choice
I was unable to change your mind
Stuck with the decision my heart made
Freedom is close
But these choices haunt me like ghosts
As sure as the sky is blue
There are still times
That I think of you
When I look back in the end
I’ll say that I would do it
All over again

Dreams Are Made of Glass

What do you do?

When all your dreams

No longer

Belong to you

When your life’s plans

End up

In another’s hand

The ideas

Created together

Are being used

To make another


What do you say?

When it’s all

Taken away?

In the blink of an eye

The basket with all the eggs

Hits the floor

Nothing for breakfast tomorrow

Where do you go

When the place

You once called home

Feels strange

Like it’s all


What do you do

When you realize

It was never for you

And they never

Loved you


How can the one who is supposed to care

Make you feel the way you do now?

You’re used to smiles and laughter

But there’s only tension when they’re around

One day there are high spirits

The next they are torn down

A back turned to you…mouth zipped shut

They no longer wish to talk

Anger, sadness, and issues

All displaced onto you…

There are other means of self-defense

Why is this the one that they choose?

It’s like the blame is all yours

Everything is your fault

And here comes their wrath

Now you’re alienated from them

Because they want nothing to do with you

Even though they may have been wrong

There is no looking back…

No apologies…

No reservation that wrong was done

They feel like the hurt one

They make look it too…

Because this is what you’re used to

On the outside you show confidence

While inside you have not a clue

Of what you should do…

They continue to act the same

While you aim for a little change

Fed up with all treatment

You accept the fact that you are no longer needed

If this is what they want…


So be it…

Rejected Invitation

I asked her to dinner and she said no

I had no idea

Why she didn’t want to go with me

I mean isn’t this what you do?

Go grab a bite

Watch a movie or two

She said she was staying in

Didn’t feel too well


I respected her wishes and went to dinner alone

Enjoying the ambiance

Sharing jokes with the servers

Then enters her

On the arms of another


I thought I must have been dreaming


I avoided eye contact

Got my dinner to go

Grabbed my coat

Tipped generously

Then headed home

I thought about what happened

It stung just a bit

I know that my endeavors

I’d have to quit


She always said I was a nice guy

Too nice at times

Told me that being mean must be a hard feat

I scoffed

A text came in from her

Saying “Maybe next week?”

Without a second thought

I just hit delete


You have clearly gotten over me


How do I get over you?

Nothing I try works

I lie to myself

Trying to reprogram my mind

Overwrite the feelings that are still there

I tell myself that I don’t love you when I do

I still do

I try to replace you with a barrage of people

That fails because at the end of the night

Or next to them the next morning

I end up making comparisons in my head

The things you would have done differently

The words you would have used

They can never be you

I need a remedy for this attachment

To break the connection that I still have

The drunken states I run to

To run from my feelings

Only last so long

The hangover that comes in the morning

Brings the feelings along with it

Closure never reached me

So I am stuck here

With a conflicted heart

Searching for a cure