Why Do You Stay?

Why do you stay?
You go through this everyday
Your the one who pays
Hearing him call you these names
Having your name defamed
Things are no longer the same
The fire has dwindled and lost its flame

Let me take you outta that pain
Come here, get out of the rain
He keeps causing you pain
Treat a woman like you so bad he must be insane
Maybe I should just drive a bullet to his brain
But my outstanding citizenship I gotta maintain
I can’t do anything else, so I must complain
Your attempts to do good only end up in vain

All the tears that rain from your frame
With me it won’t be the same
I’ll only gives you tears of joy
Time with me won’t be hated only enjoyed
I’ll always build you up, never destroy
What you see is what you get, this is no decoy

You say you can’t leave
I say that’s so hard to believe
I see the tears drown your sleeve
So why do you remain naive?
Open your eyes and clearly perceive
That your brain has got you deceived

I know you have more sense
That’s not love, but simply violence
He doesn’t love you when sending you to the wall
I don’t care if the bruise is big or small
It wasn’t you that tripped I know he made you fall

What you need is an escape
I got the ‘K’ on my chest along with my cape
I can’t take this
No longer want to be a witness
You say he loves you but he calls you a bitch
You gotta know that something better exists
Put an end to tears making your eyes red
Please let this message get to your head
Take in the words that I’ve said
Act quickly cause I don’t want to see you…
End up dead…