Air Silence

Welcome to Air Silence
We hope you’ve heard the news
If blue skies are what you’re looking for
Then we are the airline to choose
We are always on time
Make sure to treat you better than the rest
You will always be put first
To that statement I can attest
You can bring all the baggage you want
That won’t change the price of the ticket
Once you’ve flown with this airline
You will be glad that you picked it

Security is top notch here
Your top safety is my goal
I’ll put your heart in the black box
And keep myself on patrol
No liquid is allowed on the craft
So please don’t bring any tears
I’ll try to keep you as comfy as possible
My arms resemble reclining chairs
We might run into some turbulence
No one said there would always be clear skies
I am ready to brave any storm
It does not matter what the size
Your past will not affect your service

Is does not matter from where you depart
The only thing we ask of you
Is to act accordingly when the flight starts
There are not many rules
To which you have to comply
Just get ready for takeoff
As into the sunset and to happy times…
We Fly