Started Writing A Haiku

I want to hold you
Wrap you in my arms forever
But I don’t want to

Write a simple Haiku

Too many words to express what you mean to me

Three lines would be concise

To the point



No fun in that


The world needs to know that

I love you

But it wont be told with the 5 7 5

Maybe next time

Today I will write on

Because endless lines would still leave space

For the feelings held within me

And between the lines

Would still be volumes

I could write till my fingers bled

And there would be

So much more that still needed to be said

I though I should have written a haiku

Started writing this
Then I knew what I should do
One, a message, two


Love Is

Love is more than money could ever buy
That’s a too common fact
Love is much more than beautifully written words
It’s more than just saying three words at the right moments
I see that now…
Love lies in the things we miss
It’s the little things…

Love is letting them know that they can trust you
That they can believe in you
It’s never making them fight
It’s not having them wonder if it’s right
It’s not keeping them up at night
Not having to make them look for reasons to stay
Love is letting the world know
That you’re happy right where you are
It’s thinking before you act
And how these actions will make them feel

Love is learning from your mistakes
Changing and growing each time
It’s making less as time goes by
So that they don’t have to cry
Love is saying one thing
And doing that one thing
Not another…
It’s placing that person
Above all others…

Love is fighting for them
Till you can no longer stand
Love is writing you names on stone
And not in the sand
Love is being there when they need you
Answering them when they call
Love is being there to catch them
Knowing you’ll never let them fall
Love is being as unquestionable as one can be
I guess you can say
That to love means to ensure security

Love is…
So hard to describe
Love is knowing someone so well
That the two of you become one
One love
Love is knowing they’re all you need
Being completely satisfied
It’s crying knowing that you’ll lose them
Because they mean so much to you
And because they’re all you want to know
Love is never letting go

Puns For You 05

From day one it’s been

A sudden mutual attraction

Couldn’t take my eyes off of you

So I saw you staring right back

Stuck by your side through it all

You were there for me too

You’re caring




Such a good person

Glad to have you in my life

Now and forever

I will never go away

Are you happy dear?

I se3 you smiling

Evolution of Love

It begins as nothing more than simple attraction
You attention is caught at first glance
Standing still as if caught in a trance
Afraid to make the first advance
Don’t know what will be the reaction

Then it transforms to something stronger
You can’t help but to spend time
There for them at the drop of a dime
Your emotions start to climb
If this is wrong you want to be wronger

It changes again as feelings start to grow deep
You wonder if what you feel could be true
Is all this time worth putting into
Someone you can’t help but pursue
Because they are all you see in your sleep

The next stage is not easy for some to comprehend
When you see them you can’t disguise
How one simple look makes your spirit rise
Can’t help but to look deeply within their eyes
As you no longer can see them in your life as just a friend

The final stage is one that most try not to be in
No one likes to be vulnerable
This is all form makes you able
To be. You become a bit unstable
Hard to fight the strength of the feelings within

Your in such an alterd state of mind
That you don’t care if they feel the same
Making them happy becomes your aim
Your feelings are their claim
A person as content as you is hard to find

This becomes a problem and the solution thereof
Is to let go and see what will arise
If it fails then there are many tries
But I warn you that it would be wise
To know that my friend you are in


You You You

I know that if you were all I had
I would have all that I could ever need
But I know
You can’t feel the same about me
Yet I still think of the ‘could be’

Emotions rise with proximity
And I placed you within
Down to the deepest place
Of my heart
And I can’t even start
Expressing the things I feel

These thing’s aren’t the easiest to explain
But they’re things we must say
To the ones that warm us
From within
The clock’s ticking
And I wish it would go slow
Because I’m not sure if I should let you know
That you make me better
Than I was before

Every time you walk out the door
There’s a moment when my breath becomes short
Then I miss you then I smile
Because I know that every second that passes
Is one closer to when I can see you again

When that time to again see you comes
It’s like you never left
Because you’re a constant memory
So whether in spirit or in reality
With you is where I will always be

Breath of Fresh Air

In this life
You never know who you’ll meet
All that can depend on
Picking the right seat
I was glad that I chose this one
For some reason she sat next to me
Everything happens for a reason
So what may this reason be?
My interest was quickly taken
Even my friend to my right could see

She was like the gentle breeze
That graces your face on a hot day


A breath of fresh air that still took my breath away…

Her voice was like the most beautiful song sung
A sweet sound to my ears


A tune that never before did I hear…

I was blessed to be just that close
She was like a painting in a gallery
One that you had to pay to see


And I got this glimpse for free…

I kept looking…
It was like at first sight
And it felt just right
Her smile was so bright
Shone with enchanting essence


She made the moon work had to remind of it’s presence…

Conversation went rather nice
Not hard to break the ice
Said all there was to say
Till we had to go our separate ways
My mind has been on her since then

I just hope that…
I get to see her again…


With petals the reddest of red
Leaves the greenest of green
Plucked from the earth…with the intent to impress
To help an undying love…be expressed

Given up…
But not taken…
They must have been mistaken

For surely this rose…
Would touch the heart of any
It is THE symbol of love
And to receive one
Would show…


But it was turned down…
As if nothing
What now?

Once separated from the earth
There is little left to be done
Never again will this rose
Enjoy basking in the sun

The red will soon turn to black
One by one…
The petals…will fall to the floor
This beautiful flower
Wont be the same…anymore…

All because love could not be returned
All because love could not be accepted


And that’s the way the story goes
Love could have saved it
Yet it was…
Left without water
Out to wither…

This is the life of…
An unwanted rose…

Inspiration Cut Short

It’s kinda boring in here so I had to decide
To get out my home and wander outside
It is such a delight to be out at night
It’s better than being out at day, it’s not as bright

As I walk here and there and take a look around
I can’t help but to take in the different sounds
One that I can’t help but to avoid
Is the chirping cricket that gets most annoyed

All the animals that bark, meow, moo, and peep
Are now in their homes, nests, barns, fast asleep
From this point of view the lights of the city
Come together in such a way to look very pretty

I look up at the shinning, burning stars
Twinkling away as I wonder what they are
I stop walking and lay in the grass
Look up and try to count these giant balls of gas

I lie here in a state of deep admiration
And I think about the formation of these constellations
I look around as I hear a wolf howl
There goes hooting, must be that old owl

The blades of the grass sway gently in the light breeze
If I wasn’t wearing a coat, I’m sure I’d freeze
Lying here I hum to myself a little tune
And I look at the craters on the moon

Not a crescent, not halfway, tonight it’s full
One word comes to mind…Beautiful
It’s not the most beautiful I ever saw
But for some reason, I’m still in awe

The sights, smells, and all other sensations
Of this setting give much inspiration
But it seems tommorow I’ll have to catch it again
Cause now I have to run back inside…
It started to rain