Perfect You Are

~Don’t leave me when you realize it

-Realize what?

~That I’m not perfect

I put a finger to lips

-Listen to this

I’m not looking for perfection

And if I were

I’ve found it in you

~That’s not true

I don’t deserve your love

-You deserve it all and more

Perfection is

Your snort when you laugh

It’s in the way you fit against my body

When I hold you

The way you care about yours truly

The way you’re blushing right now

Is just perfect to me



You just don’t see what I see

But trust this

What we have right now

Is what perfection really is

I love you

~I love you too

She Makes Me Smile

Something about her has a hold on me
I can’t look her in the face and not smile
It doesn’t matter how hard I try

She doesn’t have to do much to be beautiful
She is in every aspect that you can see
I also know that she’s also beautiful underneath

She brushes of my kind words with a wave
Doesn’t believe that she is like a pearl
How do I tell her that in my eyes she’s no ordinary girl?

I enjoy holding conversations with her
There’s nothing I wouldn’t talk about
I’d talk all night about nothing…no doubt

Seeing her smile brightens up my day
I wish that she would stay that way
And no one would come and take it away

I want to be there for her when she needs it
She should know that I’m someone she can trust
I’ll let her figure it out herself…no rush

Something about her has a hold on me
I can’t look her in the face and not smile
It doesn’t matter how hard I try

Look For Me

This one is for you

Yes just for you

Now if only I knew

Who you could be

You see…

It’s been fifteen years

Since we first met

But we haven’t yet

I wonder…

If you remain a remnant

Of my dreams


You’re literally the girl of my dreams

Back then I couldn’t wait to sleep

Because that meant another adventure

What would we do tonight?

Who would we be?

Our baby was once taken by the M.I.B.

We fell in love over and over

I don’t care if they were only dreams

In my eyes you were real

I felt every kiss

Every hug

Like you were right there with me

I missed you

It was you who made me believe

The possibility

That dreams could become reality


I tried to find you

Searching the phone book

Then I saw all the people with the same last name

And learned that everyone wasn’t in it

I almost gave up hope…

I put off my search

Because the task was too daunting

But my dreams…

You were still haunting

Just in a good way

The dreams though

Stopped one day

Did this mean that you’d gone away?

Would I never again see your face?

Feel your embrace?

What did I do?

To have to lose you?

If I could bring you to life

I’d choose to…

If this is such a small world

Why haven’t I met this girl?

I held on to your memory

Even to this day

I’ll never forget your name

I’ll look for you wherever I go

And if you are out there

When you see me

You’ll know…

Ms. Sunfire Jones…

Through My Eyes

Stand in front of the mirror
Use my eyes to take a look
Maybe then you will see
How easily my breath you took
Your a beauty
I will always tell you so
If you had my eyes
You would really know
You’d see why I melt when you smile
Feel the same way I feel inside
Like your standing in water
And can barely feel your feet
And the one before you
Is all you need to be complete
You’ll see that just one look
And no longer are there words to say
If you had my eyes
You’d see things my way
Through my eyes you’ll see
Just how much you mean to me
You’ll see why I want you to be
The first thing I see each day
And the last thing I see at night
Oh, if you had my sight
There would be no need to ask
Why I stare
The answer will be there
Do you not see the brains?
How they work to maintain
An air of mystery
That has me intrigued
Use my eyes to look
For about a second or more
Maybe then you will see…
What I fell for

Where I Want to Be

You bring out something in me
I always want to do my best
From the way I talk
To the way that I dress
You make me feel
Like it’s ok to care
And tell me nothing’s wrong
With shedding a tear
So much about me
You help to discover
I wasn’t before
But you made me a lover
Looking into your eyes
Made me realize
That I was once less
Until you made me more
I used to walk
But now I can soar
With your face in my hand
I can finally understand
That this is for me
And with you is…
Where I Want To be


Relationships are not fireproof
Sometimes we end up getting burned
We need to be able to walk out the fire
With a few new lessons learned
Fires can be things that are severe
Saying things that in the ears constantly chime
Some fires are mild and easily pass by
For example not spending enough time

Fireproof doesn’t mean fires will never come
Just that you are able to withstand
You should always be ready for anything
Things do not always go as planned
Love does not make relationships
It should be the other way around
Many times relationships are ended
Just because love is not quickly found

There are parasites that attack relationships
See the love and try to take it away
If you are not careful and protect yourself
You offer to them an open buffet
Be slow to anger and quicker to listen
This will give you much success
Take a second to see the other side
So the whole situation can be assessed

The eyes will always wander away
Try to stop them as hard as you can
But as much attention as you pay to the eyes
Pay even more attention to your hands
One of the double edges swords in life
Can come in the form of friend’s advice
At times it will help you out
Other times you pay a price

Love is not an easy thing to keep
It takes alot of time and determination
Love is not a house you stay in
From it there is no vacation
When you are in a relationship
Alot of energy is required
You never leave your partner behind
Especially in a fire

Don’t worry about the wounds
If you believe enough you wont lose
At times it may be hard to do
But if you find someone you adore
You’ll find out that love is not at all a fight
It’s something worth fighting for



She’s so sweet that you risk cavities just by looking at her
But to look away would be a depriving action
Taking in as much of her as possible always brings satisfaction
She is more beautiful than she believes she is
Often taking my breath away in short glances
Glances that turn into daydreams of sugary delight
Delighted to just have her here in my sight

When she leaves she takes your heart with her
Making missing her inevitably inevitable
All the things that make her so amazing are gone
And memories of them keep her on your mind for so long
Until the moment the sweetness comes back to you

Her laugh is a hearty one indeed
From that good old happy place deep within
The smile on her face warms you
Causing you to return one without knowing
Listening to her becomes an event worth doing
Her voice dipping and rising in such a way
That your ears fall in love with the very sound
It feels like it lifts your feet right of the ground

She can take one on a journey of immense pleasure
The heights of which is unable to be measured
The after effects of which become almost chronic
Addicted to the soft touch that comes from her hands
The soothing rasp of her voice as it travels through your ears
The sight of her in front of you smiling at you
The smell of her shampoo and perfume wafting through the air
The moments of company outweigh all the rest

Looking deeply into her eyes one sees love looking back
Holding on to her turns into an embrace whose end is unwanted
Giving is in her nature
She does it as easily as she breathes
Never expecting anything in return
Her heart is one made from pure gold
The beat it produces is as loud as the beating of two

She deserves more than she takes credit for
More than I could ever think of giving her
Many take advantage of her good will
Seeing her held back because of her kindness
Brings pain to my eyes
Because this flower aches so much just to grow
One day I hope that she will be able to do so

I believe in her with all my heart
One day she will make it big
Bigger than big even
She will be everything that she wants to be
She will get what is rightfully hers
And after that she will get so much more
Finally getting the attention that has always been in store
Even after that day has passed I will continue to adore

Natural Beauty

I sit on the shore and stare at this beautiful lady
Who captures my attention in many ways
Her bright eyes pierce through me like daggers
Locking with mine in an endless gaze that I can’t break
Maybe looking into them was my first mistake

Her full lips must taste of fresh carambola juice
With just the right number of ice cubes
A refreshing experience a kiss on them would be
Her natural hair accents her already exquisite features
Falling and crashing on her shoulders as if a waterfall
She is in all aspects truly a rare creature all in all

I suppose her voice sounds like sweet Bouyon music
Able to put one’s soul at ease with much ease
Whisper to me, speak to me, sing to me please
In that patois that I would not understand
But would listen on just because of the way it trills
She smells of good food: roasted breadfruit, agouti, and crab
Wafting through the air and into my
Sending me on a craze and a longing to take in more
Of the beauty from the Isle of Splendor

Her brown skin is just the perfect shade
So that when the sun hits it, she glows
Just by looking at her my adoration grows
I figure that her figure leaves many trying to figure it out
Her curves move in and out and through and through
Like one of three sixty-five rivers winding down the jungle

To dance with her would be like taking a bath in the bay
Just like the waves that reach for the shore
Back and forth her hips sway
When she sewos oh when she sewos
The freedom in the way that she moves

The expressions that she displays on her face
The brightness that is in her smile
Is as beautiful as the place she’s from
This natural beauty from the Nature Isle