Two Seats Away

Did you ever have that girl in class

That was just two seats away

And you found yourself looking

Her way almost every day

You didn’t want your eyes to meet

Afraid to catch her stare

But you couldn’t help yourself

From glancing at her hair

Drowning out everything

That the teacher has to say

Because you’re staring at the girl

That was just two seats away


You rush to class

Just to get a glance

And you steal one

Whenever you get the chance

What could it be

That has your eyes stuck

What is it about her

That has you awe-struck

Maybe it’s the way

That she holds her books in her hands

Or the way she hold her hair

Up in those headbands

Lost in a new world

And cant find your way

Because you’re focused on the girl

That was just two seats away


This day seems different

So you turn to greet

But what you find there

Is an empty seat

That was the first effort

And you don’t know when

You will muster the courage

To talk again

This time the girl

That was just two seats away

Switched things up

And is not here today

Ten Percent

It’s not easy to feel this way
Yet I feel the need to show more
I want to give you something
That you never had before
You are close to me
I can still hold you closer still
If things continue going well
Sooner than later, I will
If it doesn’t feel like what you deserve
You have nothing to fear at all
We all need to start somewhere
The best things start out small

Everything that I do for you
Comes from the bottom of my heart
But the true feeling that I can show
Have yet to really start
The reason for my hesitance
Is that I stay protected
I can’t afford to give it all now
I need to keep some things unexpected
When looking into your eyes
I can almost clearly see
The acorn of love that we share
Growing into that great oak tree
I’m not crazy when I say
That I can love you more
You may think it’s impossible
But of myself I am sure

You should be more open minded
Not look at things only one way
The way things are now
Are not the ways they will stay
What you see
Is not always what you get
You may think I care now
Well, you haven’t seen anything yet
If you let me in your world
Then more feelings will surge
The love I show you right now
Is just the tip…
Of The Iceberg

From A Distance

He has his eyes set on her
But he will never make the move
Because he doesn’t know what to do
He is too insecure about himself
To make the first step
So it will never have pep

He can say the greatest things about her
Without even knowing her name
But he can’t articulate it to her
So what exactly is his aim?
What has him so scared that he can’t say hi?
Something is the reason that he can’t try…

All he can do is work from a length away
Leaves her notes and treats
No one knows the sender
He loves the emotions that his acts render
When he sees the look on her face
He smiles…
Knowing that he could make her day better
Still to scared though to try to get her
For he has not the strength inside
So behind his acts of kindness he hides

Waiting for too long to take action
Not knowing that some opportunities
Must be grasped before it’s too late
There isn’t much time to wait
Will he ever walk up to her?
And stop being subtle?
Will he get to know her name?
Lost many this way before…
Will this end the same?
Will she be gone…
If he just looks on?