The Clear Winner

Life can be tough

Sometimes even unfair

If you follow your heart

Stay true to yourself in the hard times

All the sadness will have been worth it

Relationships gone awry

You never understood why

It always felt like you were on the losing end

Because you got nothing out of it

Little did you know you were heading

To where you needed to be

The experiences were just lessons

Things that you needed to go through

Now look at you

You’re ready

For the love you have been waiting for

You no longer feel like the loser

Now that you know

There’s only one sure thing

In the end nothing else matters

Because love always wins

They Always Knew

I don’t need you to protect me she said

He replied with one word: Tough

It would always be his job

He knew this today

As well as he knew back then

I will never stop loving you he told her

Her reply was a jab at his: Tough

His love was all that she needed

She knew this today

As well as she knew back then

Tough was his love for her

Tough was her love for him

It would always come to this

This was their destiny

From the beginning

It’s Official

We promised today that we’d let the world see
The truth in what we both feel
We belong to one another
Now and forever
You and I will remain together

Anniversary Zero
This is where it begins

From this day I tell them all
That I will always love you
I will cherish you
You will be protected
Never neglected

It’s official
Girlfriend and boyfriend
Presented to the world
No matter what may come
She will always be my girl

I trust her to be there for me
To continue to stay true
She will be my motivator
Does all she says she will do
She will be there when I’m down
When I’m at my lowest
She’ll turn it all around

Together we’re going to make our dreams real
Together we’re going to start traditions
Never sleeping when angry
Always going to bed in love
Snuggle, cuddle fitting together like a glove
Waking up in each others arms
Breakfast in bed always works like a charm

It’s official
I love you
They all know it
I love you
And forever
I’ll always show it


When we chill in the room
And it’s only me and you
One thought has me consumed
I always want to kiss you

When we’re on the phone
I call you my beau
I think you can hear it in my tone
I always want to kiss you

Sometimes when it has been all day
And seeing you ls long overdue
I want to end the delay
I always want to kiss you

Maybe this kiss will turn me into a prince
For sure my dream will come true
And I’ll be happy since
I always want to kiss you

This is on the top of my to-do list
Something I may not get to do
But I surely insist
I always want to kiss you

One day I’ll get success
And I’ll get through
Until then let me express
I always want to kiss you