Running Was All She Knew

Left, right
Sprinting forward
She runs
For as long as she can remember
She’s been running
From situations she didn’t want to handle
From conversations she didn’t want to have
She ran from the things right in front of her
She was never able to escape
Everything always caught up
Stronger than when she left it
If only she’d dealt with it then

He’d been watching her
For as long as he’s known her
She’s been running
He tries to get her to stop
He tries to get her to slow down
Deal with things before they get bigger
He was proud when she ran to him
Away from something she’d been holding on to
Straight into his arms she ran
He caught her
Holding on to her
She was so tired

He feels the movement
She tries to push off his chest
Things are getting real
Her instincts kick in
She needs to run again
He holds on to her
Shouting her name
Trying to break the trance
Attempting to snap her out of it
She shakes her head
Gathering herself

She’s trying to run
Away from the same love that saved her
Tears stream down her face
Her body wants to run
But her heart won’t let her
He holds her to him
Against the resistance he’ll fight
Fight for her like he always has
His heart is tied to hers
Anchoring her in place
Love keeps her here