Effect on Me

There’s two sides to me

Sometimes three

The one that everyone knows

Is the protector of the other

The one who loves hard 

Too much

Because the world doesn’t go easy

On hopeless romantics 

So I save him for when he’s needed

Right now

There’s nothing to protect him

From the love he feels

Because even the protector 

Is in love with her

And she’s gone


Imagine an immense boulder

Rolling down a hill

As every second passes

It gets faster

The force behind it stronger 

At the foot of the hill

Waits a wall

And this boulder crashed into it

That’s the impact that I felt

When she walked onto that plane

The love that we fell into

Was moving at lightning speed

Halted suddenly 

Now we’re apart

And it’s going to be hard

But we can do it

No matter what 


We both departed

Both went our separate ways

It feels like part of me

Has left and gone away

Sometimes I wonder

If my feelings are shared

When I think they’re not

I get a bit scared

I look at your picture

But it’s not the same

Why do I miss you?

Who is to blame?

Being the nerd I am

I counted the number of miles

That separates us

On these two different isles

Thanks to technology

We can keep in touch

Emails, phone calls,

Text messages and such

I’m feeling sad

Guess it’s hard to tell

All day online

All we do is l-o-l

When we meet again

My feelings I’ll subdue

But all I can say now is

I miss you…