Recycled Art

It belonged to him

An intricate piece

Meant to be adored 

Maybe it wasn’t

What he was looking for

So he threw it away 

For something “better”

To each his own they say
Lying in the heap of discarded things 

It was picked up by another

Who took the time to look

In all the places 

Never explored

Somehow it became 

Even more beautiful than before 


His love will be rewarded



At the beginning, things are rather stiff
No one wants to start, so there is a big rift
The canvass is still white, bare of colors
Waiting to be painted upon, waiting to be smothered
Everyone is just looking at one another
Too ashamed to be the first
So they wait and wait, for what I don’t know
A whole hour has passed, still no movement shown
I came to have fun, this stinks
Hey bartender, give us some drinks
This is when the paint begins to get mixed
Now this blank canvass problem can be fixed
The vision can now be seen
Only for a moment will the paper remain clean
Now this looks better, people are getting loose
There goes that girl, shaking her caboose
Whoa, he’s jerking
Look at that, they twerking
The division is gone, everyone’s on the floor
The lights are off, no one cares anymore
The DJ is on fire, with hit after hit
If there was any place to be, this is it
Now I myself am on my second drink
My feet seem to move before my brain can think
I am but one color is this spectra
That’s my jam, pull up selecta
I see this girl, walk up to her and hold her hand
One look in my eyes, she understands
We walk onto the canvass
Ready to create a masterpiece
We begin and everything around has ceased
The world is just us two, we are at peace
We paint circles as are our hips gyrate around
Long and short strokes as we go up and down
I whisper to her “How low can you go”
She took me all the way to the floor
Now I know
Short strokes, long strokes
Hard strokes, soft strokes
This painting is almost finished
Here comes the last lines of the song
She begins to walk away as the song is about to change,
As she walks, looks we still exchange
This next song is my jam, so I ask for one more dance
She says yes
Now it’s on
As her body I begin to caress
She can’t keep up
Doesn’t see what’s coming next
These are the finishing touches
Filling in the blank spaces
Being careful to stay within the lines
Songs over, our time is done
Watch out, the sweat might make the paint run
We know we may never see each other
After we part
But we used our dance to create…